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Takin group is a knowledge based company that established with the purpose of reinforcing and repairing of structures with having thirteen years of industrial experience. Takin is under license of Iran Composites Institute and Scientific support of Iran University of science and Technology. Takin is also under the license of FERROPAN Company (Austria). Our group has finished various onshore and offshore projects in the fields of repair and reinforcement of steel and concrete structures in oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Our vision

  • Use of advanced knowledge, Capable of producing science and technology, Rely on the superior contribution of human resources.
  • Active and efficient in the field of modern strengthening of destroyed structures with composite technology
  • Constructive and effective interactions with universities and research centers in the field of composite materials and structures

High Tech

Using modern technology

Exchange of information

Use knowledge of other disciplines


Professional and serious work in a relaxed and friendly environment

Organizational communication

Direct connection College, industry and government

Advanced Workshop

Has advanced laboratories and professional

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“Resistance economy; action and doing, are direct and clear road into what we need.”
Imam Khamenei

امکانات و تجهیزات

  • تجهیزات رنگ آمیزی
  • تجهیزات تهویه
  • تجهیزات ایمنی
  • تجهیزات آزمایشگاهی و تست
  • امکانات سایت و وسایل نقلیه
  • تجهیزات سند بلاست
  • تجهیزات ضدحریق
  • تجهیزات شستشو
  • تجهیزات پاکسازی
  • تجهیزات روشنایی

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Telfax: (+9821) 77209063,77491206
Takin, Advanced Strengthening Co. Iran University of Science & Technology, Technology Incubator, No.9, Shahid Hosseinali St., Farjam Ave., Resalat Sq., Tehran, Iran