Takin as a knowledge based company was established in 2004. Our scientific and industrial activities are supported by Iran university science and technology. Takin is under the license of Iran Composites Institute. Our group has done various onshore and offshore projects in the fields of repair and reinforcement of steel and concrete structures in oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Takin company registered 23 patents in the fields of composite technology. The technical staffs ofTakin are trained by Iran Composites Institute. Takin isalso under the license of FERROPAN Company (Austria). Ferropan has 50 years of experience in the fields of the strengthening steel and concrete structures againstthe corrosion and fire.

Takin company is capableof strengthening, reconstruction and repair of corroded oil storage tanks, pipelines, and damaged concrete structures in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Our technology allows us to repair the structures during the service without any service shut dawn.
Also, Takin is capable of producingslabs by using of polymer concrete technology.


The staffs of Takin are experienced and skilled individuals who have been trained and have sufficient expertise in their fields. In Takin, 12 engineers with Master’s degree, 8 engineers with Bachelor’s degree and 40 technicians are working. All of themwere trained in Iran Composites Institute. Also, all staffs were trained by Ferropan Co.

Sayed Hashem Azarfam

Member of the Board

Mahmood Mehrdad Shokrieh

Chairman of the Board

Sayed Mahdi Azarfam

Managing Director

Sayed Meysam Azarfam

HSE manager

Bahareh Khadem


Zahra Shokrieh

Director of Education, Research and Development

Ahmad Shokrieh

Technical Manager

Shahab Ebrahimzadeh

Project manager

Morteza Zeinali

Financial manager


  • Strengthening of corroded oil tanks
  • Reinforcement of corroded metallic pipes
  • Strengthening of damaged concrete structures
  • Protection of structures against fire
  • Making bund walls around oil tanks
  • Production of space structural systems without frame
  • Production of structures with polymer concrete

Facilities and Equipment

  • Painting Equipment
  • Ventilation equipment
  • Safety Equipment
  • Laboratory and testing equipment
  • Site facilities and vehicles
  • Sandblast equipment
  • Fireproofing equipment
  • Washing Equipment
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Lighting equipment

The technical and computational unit

All activities of Takin consist of design, standardization, characterization ofmaterials, testing, and training of human resourcesare under the supervision of Iran Composites Institute (ICI). This institutebenefits of prominent scholars in the field of composite materials and structures.


Vice presidency for Science and Technology

Certificate of Capabilities
Company Name: TAKIN, Advance strengthening Company
Managing Director: Seyed MahdiAzarfam

Certificate of technological capability

Confirmation Iran Composites Institute

Approval of Science and Technology Park of Tehran University (2013)

Approval of Science and Technology Park of Tehran University (2014)

Approval of Science and Technology Park of Tehran University (2015)